Legal Uproar: Lawyers Call for NBA President Maikyau's Resignation Amid DSS Controversy - The Trent

2023-07-29 15:17:00

The Trent

ABUJA, Nigeria - Lawyers across Nigeria have escalated tensions within the National Bar Association (NBA), launching a scathing attack on its president, Yakubu Maikyau SAN, whom they have branded the "most incompetent President in NBA's history."

A video making rounds on social media reveals the growing discontent with Maikyau's leadership, leading to calls for his immediate resignation.

This public uproar stems from the NBA President's perceived inaction regarding a recent scuffle between the Department of State Security Service (DSS) and the National Correctional Service (NCS).

This incident has shocked many in the legal profession and beyond.

In a passionate appeal, Maxwell Okpara, gave voice to the collective frustration, stating, "When the DSS attacked us lawyers carrying out our professional duties, the NBA kept quiet. I personally wrote a letter to the NBA President, complaining about what happened... As I speak to you, no reply, not even an ordinary call."

He argued that Maikyau's failure to respond to the situation enabled further attacks by the DSS on the judiciary on July 25, 2023.

Okpara's distress is echoed by other lawyers, who believe that Maikyau's lack of action and misguided statements have disgraced the NBA. Okpara recounted a particularly disturbing incident in which Maikyau dismissed the DSS's aggressive behavior as "mere fighting between two agencies."

"He said it's mere fighting between agencies," Okpara described, "We are seeing it from the angle that the NBA President could not lead the Bar. He should, as a matter of urgency, resign."

Another prominent voice in this swelling tide of discontent is Okere Kingdom, who chastised Maikyau for being "the most incompetent person to continue as NBA President." He admonished Maikyau, stating that if the NBA Presidency was merely a platform to seek political appointments, Maikyau should step aside. "Maikyau, you are the most incompetent person to continue as NBA President for supporting DSS after desecrating the Federal High Court," Kingdom said.

The anger and shame resonate not just in the legal community but also in international circles and among ordinary Nigerians.

Some lawyers have compared Maikyau's handling of this crisis and previous NBA President Paul Usoro, who had actively boycotted courts to protest against DSS actions.

The situation is further complicated by other controversies surrounding Maikyau's administration, including a suspension of a lawyer for challenging the Nigeria Law Society's registration issue.

The current upheaval has prompted calls for an emergency meeting by the NEC to discuss a vote of no confidence against Maikyau, if he fails to resign.

As the legal community wrestles with this internal strife, the broader implications for the judiciary and rule of law in Nigeria remain unclear.

What is certain, however, is that the demand for Maikyau's resignation is growing louder, fueled by a perception of failed leadership and a desperate plea for integrity in the country's legal institution.

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