Katsina Man Seeks Divorce from 14-Year-Old Child Bride After Male Doctor Attends Birth - The Trent

2023-07-29 15:17:00

The Trent

KATSINA, Nigeria - A disturbing incident unfolded in Katsina State, where a man has reportedly divorced his 14-year-old underaged bride for accepting the aid of a male medical practitioner during childbirth, despite the situation being a medical emergency.

The underaged mother experienced complications during her delivery, necessitating emergency medical intervention at a hospital lacking female practitioners.

A male doctor stepped in to assist the labouring child, a decision that would lead to the abrupt end of her marriage.

Although the child was delivered successfully, the husband, irate at the male practitioner's involvement, promptly divorced his underaged bride.

Fatima Adamu, Executive Director of Nana Women and Girls Empowerment Initiative, revealed this distressing story in Abuja on Thursday, July 27, 2023, during her keynote address at the Human Resources for Health Production Dialogue.

"There is no shortcut about it," said Dr Adamu, an advocate for increasing the production of nurses and midwives in the country over the past 15 years. "A 14- year old Fulani girl in Katsina State...was divorced all because she was attended by a man during delivery."

Dr Adamu pleaded with governments, particularly at the state level, to ensure equity in recruiting and deploying medical personnel to rural communities.

She also pointed out that Nigeria is woefully underproducing medical professionals.

"Our average population growth is 3.2 , but our annual production of nurses and midwives is 2.6, so definitely, there is a gap," she warned.

The meeting sought to revolutionize the nation's healthcare system, with stakeholders calling for accountability and prudence in healthcare training institutions.

Other speakers at the event included Paul McDermott, Director of USAID/Nigeria HPN Office, represented by Mieko Mickay, and Dr. Andy Omoluabi, Country Director of USAID Health Workforce Management, HWM.

They echoed the need for a stronger health workforce, better learning environments, and enhanced training curricula.

The event underscored the stark reality of maternal and child mortality in Nigeria.

Alarmingly, the nation accounts for over 34% of global maternal deaths and leads the world in mortality rates for children under five years.

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