Edo: Shaibu Took Obaseki to Court, He'll No Longer Dine With Gov. - Nehikhare

2023-08-29 15:33:44

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LAGOS - As the rift between Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State and his deputy, Philip Shaibu deepens, the Commissioner for Communication and Orientation, Chris Osa Nehikhare said that for taking Obaseki to court, he'll no longer dine with the governor.

Nehikhare made the disclosure on Tuesday in an interview on Arise TV and stressed that the deputy governor came to the 60 years anniversary of the creation of Mid-Western State on Monday to disrupt the activities of the government and embarrass the state.

He said, "He went to court restraining the governor from impeaching him (Shaibu). We didn't have such a plan. In Edo State and I know in Nigeria, if you take a man to court, you can no longer dine with him. If the case is settled out of court, then you can have a beer together.

"He took the government to court to stop an impeachment that wasn't even planned, and now you're trying to be the victim and disrupting government events.

On the story that the deputy governor was stopped from seeing the governor in a church event, he said, "The security man was doing his job. I can assure you that His Excellency, Governor Obaseki was probably not aware of what was going on at that point in time. I personally didn't see it happen. I saw the deputy governor approach and I saw him go back. Most of us were not even aware that the deputy governor was in town. He had been on holiday for the last three to four weeks. We didn't know he had returned.

"His office didn't inform us that he was in town. He came there, sat down like others and protocol was there and everybody dealt with him like the deputy governor of Edo State. He is the deputy governor and his privileges are given to him.

"If he approached the governor like the story making the rounds said, and security stopped him from seeing the governor, the man was doing his job. I don't know why he stopped him. I don't think that there was an instruction for him to be stopped.

Speaking about the reason the government disbanded the deputy governor's media team, Nehikhare said, "What we disbanded is the team that we normally attach to the deputy governor personally. We want to recalibrate it, so that whenever His Excellency, the Deputy Governor wants to go out on official functions, we have his protocol list, we can assign a media team to him. I'll take responsibility for that," he said.

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