Make names of palliative distribution committee public, civil societies challenge Adeleke - The Sun Nigeria

2023-08-30 18:14:58

The Sun

The Osun Civil Societies Coalition (OCSC) has challenged Governor Ademola Adeleke to make the distribution committee public and not just the organizations they represent.

The societies had wondered why the government claimed that its members were represented in the committee for the distribution of palliative when nobody was contacted by the state government.

The OCSC chided Adeleke for lack of responsive governance in the face of the economic quagmire which has subjected residents of the state, like other people in Nigeria to untold hardship.

The societies in a release signed by its Chairman and Secretary, Comrade Waheed Lawal, and Emmanuel Olowu, respectively, on Wednesday, accused the Adeleke administration of being directionless and unorganized in addressing issues that are of importance to the welfare of the people.

The coalition specifically bemoaned the state government for not having a separate palliative program like other states to cushion the effect of fuel subsidy removal despite the money accrued to the state for such a purpose.

According to the group, the state government has not shown empathy and responsive governance for the residents of the state, especially the civil servants who deserved a structured palliative measure.

"First, we demand that the state government make public the names of members of the distribution committee and not just the organizations they represent. We also demand to know what structure the distribution will take at the local government level since the state has decided to channel distribution through the local governments. We are afraid the palliatives will end up in the coffers of politicians, thereby denying those who deserve them.

"Of the distribution plan is the mention of identified 12 groups. We demand to know the names of these 12 groups and how they were arrived at as channels for distribution of the palliative.

"On our part, we make bold to say that the civil societies coalition is in no way involved in the distribution plan and no member of ours is in any committee, except the government chose to drop names representing the coalition and such being unknown to us.

"While we don't want to join issues with government on what was received or was not received from the federal government, a peep into the schedule of distribution of palliative received from the federal government calls for a lot of questioning," the groups said.

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