Kwara Group Urges President Tinubu's Intervention in Local Government Crisis, Demands Withholding of Revenue

2024-01-24 17:54:20

Royal Times Nigeria

The Kwara Development Progressive Movement (KDPM) has issued a fervent call to President Bola Tinubu, urging his intervention to salvage local governments in Kwara from what they describe as a state of destruction.

In a press statement signed by Alhaji Mohammed Mariam Alhasan, the national coordinator of the group, concerns were raised over the alleged mismanagement and maladministration within the local government system.

The statement emphasized the importance of local government administration in Nigeria, established in 1976 to bring development closer to the grassroots for socio-economic empowerment.

However, the group accuses the current administration led by His Excellency, Mallam Abdul Razaq Abdul Rahman, of undermining the principles behind the creation of local governments through the prolonged establishment of illegal Transition Implementation Committees (TIC).

According to the group, since the inception of the Transition Implementation Committee over four years ago, the people of Kwara State have faced a myriad of challenges. Allegedly, TIC chairmen have been accused of transforming local governments into personal corporations, conducting financial transactions without accountability, and neglecting due process.

In light of these allegations, the group calls on President Tinubu to intervene urgently and persuade Governor Abdulrasaq Abdulrahman to dissolve the illegally constituted Transition Implementation Committee, which contravenes the Section 7 (1) and Section 14 (1) of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, specifying a three-year tenure for elected council executives.

To instruct the Federal and Fiscal Mobilization Commission to cease releasing monthly statutory revenues allocated to the sixteen local government areas until democratically elected council executives are in place.

Direct the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to investigate all financial transactions of the TIC leadership since its inception, aiming to instill institutional transparency and financial accountability.

Instruct the EFCC to investigate and prosecute any allegations of financial misappropriation from concerned stakeholders against TIC leaderships and members without delay or compromise.

Advise Governor Abdulrasaq Abdulrahman to exercise caution in the use of state power, particularly in matters that could destabilize the socio-economic and political environment, referencing ongoing controversies such as the Kwara Hotel 17.8 billion contract scandal.

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