"iPhone 15 Pro Max, Smart TV, DStv" - Nigerian woman's 4:50 am cooking habit attracts expensive gifts

2024-01-06 15:29:54


Nigerian woman, @_Debbie_OA on X (formally Twitter) has been promised fresh gifts - a iPhone 15 Pro Max, a Smart TV, and DStv by social media users.

This comes just hours after she was promised a bungalow, car, bed frame, mobile phone, wardrobe, and more.

It all began when she revealed on her social media page that she now wakes up at 4:50 am to cook for her husband due to a female co-worker bringing him food.

Shortly after her statement, social media users requested her bank details and began showering her with cash.

Within hours, she received promises of various gifts from many individuals, and moments later, more offers poured in.

One social media user, @reallest_gee, pledged a brand new iPhone 15, saying, "Good day Ma @_Debbie_OA, for being such a good wife, I have this iPhone available for you. The delivery is on me, and anytime you want to use data, feel free to text me. Retweet until she sees this."

Another user, @davidchibuike_, vowed to gift her a Smart TV, stating, "I have this gently used TV and cabinet I no longer use due to exams. You and your husband deserve it."

@Wizarab10 also joined the list, mentioning that his friend intends to gift them a DStv. He said, "@Wizarab10, my friend wants to give you guys a TV and DStv with a one-year subscription. Please, how much will that cost?"

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