Bauchi Rep Empowers Dry Season Farmers with Fertiliser and Sprayin...

2024-02-13 05:34:06

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Bauchi State Representative, Hon. Mansur Soro, embarks on a mission to empower dry season farmers in his constituency, distributing 2,565 bags of fertiliser and 300 spraying machines free of charge. This initiative, aimed at boosting food production and improving the livelihoods of local farmers, took place today, February 13, 2024.

Hon. Mansur Soro, the dedicated House of Representatives member for Darazo/Ganjuwa federal constituency in Bauchi state, is making headlines with his substantial contribution to the agricultural sector. In an event that took place earlier today, Soro graciously distributed 2,565 bags of 50kg fertiliser and 300 spraying machines to dry season farmers in his constituency. This generous gesture, which comes at no cost to the farmers, reflects Soro's commitment to enhancing food production and the overall welfare of his constituents.

In an effort to understand and address the challenges faced by the farmers, Hon. Soro engaged in insightful interactions with the local agricultural community. As a result, he identified water drawing difficulties as a major obstacle for the farmers. To alleviate this issue, Soro provided eight brand new pumping machines, valued at approximately N1 million, to the farmers. This intervention is expected to significantly improve the farmers' ability to cultivate their lands during the dry season.

Since his tenure began in 2019, Hon. Mansur Soro has been facilitating the distribution of free fertiliser to rainy season farmers, averaging 2,000 bags annually. Recognising the potential of dry season agriculture and the needs of the farmers involved, Soro extended his support to this sector as well. In his own words, he urged the beneficiaries to "use the inputs wisely to increase food output and improve the standard of living for their families."

True to his mission, Hon. Soro remains steadfast in his commitment to the betterment of his constituency. He has pledged to continue his multi-sectoral interventions in agriculture, education, and health, ensuring that the people of Darazo/Ganjuwa federal constituency thrive in a supportive and empowering environment.

As the sun sets on another day in Bauchi state, the seeds of change have been sown. With Hon. Mansur Soro at the helm, the future of agriculture and the livelihoods of the farmers in his constituency are looking brighter than ever. The ripple effects of his efforts are sure to be felt far and wide, as the landscape of Darazo/Ganjuwa federal constituency is transformed, one bag of fertiliser and one pumping machine at a time.

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