Abia Governor Backs Establishment of National Eye Centres

2024-02-10 01:25:08

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Abia Governor Dr. Alex Otti throws his weight behind the Nigerian Optometric Association's (NOA) plan to establish three national eye centres in the state. The meeting held with the NOA executives and representatives from the One Sight Essilor Luxottica Foundation, a global eye care charity, saw the governor commit to assisting in location identification and logistics for the initiation of the centres.

Aimed at combatting visual impairment caused by refractive errors, the initiative comes at a time when Governor Otti's administration is in the process of upgrading primary healthcare facilities and general hospitals in the state. The three national eye centres will be integrated into these renovations.

In addition to this commitment, the governor also addressed salary reviews for optometry doctors in the state's civil service, highlighting his administration's dedication to quality healthcare delivery.

The decision to choose Abia for the Eastern Region's Optical laboratory and the first phase of Vision Centres comes as no surprise. The NOA, led by Dr. Chimeziri Anderson, has recognized the state's potential and the governor's commitment to healthcare.

During the meeting, the NOA requested internship opportunities for optometrists in state institutions, the hiring of optometrists in local governments, and a review of optometry doctors' salaries. These requests underscore the association's dedication to ensuring the growth and development of the profession in the state.

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