UK Minister, Badenoch Embarks On 3-Day Visit To Nigeria

2024-02-11 16:07:50

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Nigeria welcomes the United Kingdom (UK) Minister for Business and Trade, Kemi Badenoch, who commenced a 3-day visit aimed at enhancing the partnership between the two countries.

Building on the momentum generated by the former Foreign Secretary's visit to Nigeria in August 2023 and the recent UK-Nigeria Security and Defence Talks, Badenoch's trip seeks to propel ongoing efforts to boost the UK-Nigeria trade relationship and uncover new avenues for investment.

During her stay in Nigeria, Minister Kemi Badenoch, alongside the Prime Minister's Trade Envoy to Nigeria, Helen Grant, will engage with the Federal Government of Nigeria, State Governors, as well as British and Nigerian business leaders and investors.

These discussions will delve into existing and potential investment and trade opportunities, spanning sectors such as education, infrastructure, and energy projects, with the potential to generate thousands of jobs.

Minister Badenoch aims to reinforce the UK-Nigeria partnership, address trade and investment barriers, foster business growth between the two nations, and enhance the City of London's facilitative role for international business, making it more accessible to Nigeria.

Commenting on the significance of this visit, British High Commissioner to Nigeria, Dr Richard Montgomery, stated: "Nigeria is one of the UK's most important partners in Africa.

"We are committed to helping Nigeria unlock new investment opportunities, supporting more UK and international investment through the City of London, and thereby creating jobs in both our countries.

"Recent substantial reforms by the Federal Government of Nigeria and the Central Bank are fostering optimism among international investors, signaling that the country is on the right path and creating conditions for growth."

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