Oshodi Transport Interchange Debunks Crisis Reports, Assures Smoot...

2024-02-11 09:54:54

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The Oshodi Transport Interchange (OTI) has dismissed reports of an internal crisis, stating that all operations, including commercial activities and transportation services, are proceeding without hindrance. The director of Operations and Maintenance, Ade Ibileke, has clarified that while disputes among operators are common, the facility has robust systems in place to manage and resolve such conflicts without affecting service delivery.

The management's response comes in the wake of recent media reports suggesting an impending crisis due to disagreements over service charges. The reports, based on commercial differences stemming from the need to adjust service fees in response to increased operating costs, were described by the management as misconstrued.

Essential costs such as diesel, petrol, and refuse disposal have seen significant price increases, necessitating a review of service charges. While some transport operators have finalized negotiations and resumed operations, talks are ongoing with other business partners to ensure sustainable service delivery without compromising quality.

OTI, a bustling transport hub in Lagos, Nigeria, serves over 20,000 passengers daily. It houses approximately 45 bus operating companies and over 70 businesses, functioning without major incidents since its inception in 2019. The management expressed surprise at the crisis reports, emphasizing that the issue is strictly commercial and can be addressed through continued dialogue. They assured commuters and stakeholders of a peaceful, safe, and secure environment.

The management reiterated their commitment to maintaining high-quality service amidst the reported disputes. Despite the ongoing negotiations, they have assured that the OTI's operations remain uninterrupted. They emphasized that the present situation is a testament to the effectiveness of their internal dispute resolution systems.

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