Insecurity: FCT minister, Police commissioner meet senators

2024-03-13 16:08:44

Tribune Online

Federal Capital Territory (FCT), minister, Nyesom Wike, and FCT commissioner of police on Wednesday, met with senators in a closed-door session, to brainstorm on the state of security in the nation's capital city, Abuja.

The lawmakers had earlier summoned the minister and commissioner of police FCT command Bennett Igwe, to brief the lawmakers.

Speaking with newsmen after the closed-door meeting which lasted over three hours, FCT minister informed the Lawmakers that the recent arrest of the two most wanted kidnappers and intelligence-driven security has helped the administration to curtail the insecurity in the territory.

Wike said the level of kidnapping among other crimes may not be eradicated, with the involvement of family members arranging for the kidnapping of their fellow family members, however assured more of infrastructural provision and improved security in the territory.

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The minister also stated that there is no part of the world where crimes is totally eradicated with assurance to do more to save life and properties of the residents.

He said; "It's nothing difficult, just normal interactions, just to brief them on what we have done as regards security in the FCT. I'm glad they are all happy with what we have done and what we are going to be doing and the suggestion which they have given to us but which I cannot disclose to the members of the public. This is just a very interactive session.

"What is important is what the FCT should expect from now. I will say improved security, and more infrastructure. You can see what is going on in the FCT. It has been turned into a construction site and you can also see what has happened in the FCTA. Now we have our own Civil Service Commission, now we have our own Permanent Secretaries which has never been. There are new things in the FCT and the residents are happy.

"The Senators agreed that security has improved in the FCT. Let me also say that there's no part of the world where criminality has been abated. We have heard several times in the United States of America, that criminals go to school and shoot students. So people should not have that impression that you cannot have one crime or the other.

"What we need is being able to limit or reduce the level of insecurity. But if anybody tells you that as societies are concerned, you will not have one crime or the other that is not correct and we must tell ourselves the simple truth. Also, most of the kidnapping stories you hear, some of them are stage-managed by people. There are some internal arrangements. Take for example, you have a housekeeper or a driver in the house who will plot to kidnap the child of their boss.

"In such case what do you expect us to do? What we can do is to ensure that the person that is kidnapped is released, but to stop it will be difficult because it's an in-house arrangement where a driver that is paid to go and pick his boss's children from school will mastermind their kidnapping so these are the things we should know. I'm not saying there are no kidnappings.

"Mind you two most wanted kidnappers have been arrested and that's why you see that the level of kidnapping has reduced. We are not saying we have gotten to where we want to be, but we are doing a lot and people should acknowledge that what used to be is not what we are seeing now. We will continue to do our best to ensure that we provide the best to our people. We cannot give you the assurance that there will be no form of criminality, nobody can do that, as long as we are human."

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