Nigeria: Palliatives - Gov. Namadi Should Watch the Distribution

2024-03-13 15:48:41


Nigeria: Palliatives - Gov. Namadi Should Watch the Distribution

Recently the Jigawa State government under the leadership of H.E. Malam Umar Namadi released 27,000 bags of rice and 10,000 cartons of spaghetti, worth N1.9 billion as a palliative. The governor's decision aimed at reducing the hardship that people face as a result of the high cost of food items in the market, especially during the Ramadan fasting. This move is commendable for a first-time governor.

It is heartening that the government is aware of so many problems facing the people and is making attempts to solve or bring succour to the people but, unfortunately, the implementation leaves much to be desired. Often the execution is not done in the proper way.

There is general apprehension that the Ramadan palliative released by the state government, may only reach a small number of the population who really need it.

Government officials and recognised high-ranking politicians in the state or even from outside will enjoy the cake, with the largest share

We can recall that a similar scenario happened in the previous administration of Governor Muhammadu Badaru Abubakar. It was alleged that the fertilisers were released by the FG to ease the suffering of poor masses in Jigawa State as a palliative to ease some people's hardship following the devastating flooding were diverted by few individuals.

Also, during the administration of Alhaji Saminu Turaki, palliatives were said to have been released due to drought, flood, locust and quelea birds, which devastated farmlands, yet the poor were left out.

I am therefore appealing to the present government to address this issue immediately and assign God-fearing people to handle the distribution of the palliatives.

Also, the feeding exercise should not turn into an opportunity to embezzle government funds and even promote nepotism by giving cooking contracts to members and families of either top government officials or politicians handling the programme. It shouldn't be a great avenue for fraud.

Governor Namadi has to strive hard to reorganise and govern the state very well.

Our society must try to add value to the lives of others, to help them become great and be a pillar of the society.

Adamu Muhd Usman sent this from Kafin-Hausa, Jigawa State

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