UNICEF, UNTH Caution Against Brain Drain In Nigeria's Health Sector | Independent Newspaper Nigeria

2024-04-11 21:39:46

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ENUGU - UNICEF in collaboration with University Teaching Hospital (UNTH) Enugu has cautioned medical practitioners against phenomenon of brain drain that has hit the health sector in Nigeria.

Speaking at the 4th international Scientific Conference with the theme "Mitigating the negative of health sector Brain Drain, Prof Maduka D. Ughasoro, Consultant Paediatrician, The Directir, Directorate of Research and Publication, College of Medicine, University of Nigeria Ituku-Ozalla Campus, Enugu said Nigeria health sector is posed with challenges of brain drain popularly known as japa syndrome in which health workers leave the country in Search of better opportunities.

He said " You don't even need to be in the health sector to know that. Our health sector is fixing a one major challenge beyond other recent challenges. This thing they call Japan, of migrating from Nigeria to another country for what they think is better options. And as they leave, it affect us including mothers and children who should be given adequate health care services.

"Others leave the health sector to another sector where they also think they can get better pay.

"When they move, they moved with the capacity they acquired and deny people who could have benefited from the training they got and that's the main aim of this conference to stop such migration as it is affecting the health sector negatively.

"We are here to deliberate on better ways to look inwards and research this idea of migration from the health sector as medical practitioners need to be motivated.

"We need intensive motivational health care workers, how can they be motivated? they need good working environment, good payment, intensive training and so much more," he said

Also speaking, Dr Ifeyinwa Anyanyo, the UNICEF Nigeria Health Specialist said "it's clear to everyone what's happening, people are leaving the country, to get better and get quality of life for their families. So the health sector is one of the sectors that has been heavily impacted by this move. So you can see the academia looking into this and asking what can be done to correct the wrongs of the exit of trained healthcare workers.

"Because these healthcare workers, over years, the country families have put in a lot of resources to train this them , and then you have them leaving the country.

"So we are here to find lasting solution to this problem as it affects everybody including mother and children and as you know our aim at UNICEF is to protect mother and children and ensure they have access to quality health care services," she said.

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