Eid-El-Fitri: Imbibe Lessons Of Ramadan, LG Boss Admonishes Muslim Ummah | Independent Newspaper Nigeria

2024-04-10 20:09:00

Independent Newspapers Nigeria

IBADAN - The Executive Chiarman of Ibadan North East Local Government Area of Oyo state, Hon Ibrahim Akintayo has called on Muslim faithful to imbibe the lessons of Ramadan fasting in their daily activities.

Speaking with journalists at his residence, Hon Akintayo encouraged Muslim Ummah to abide by all the teachings of Ramadan fasting which encourages discipline.

In his words, Akintayo said, "My message is quite simple but somehow difficult, because this Ramadan teaches or encourage us to be discipline."

"In the sense of that, not everything we want is what we will get, Ramadan teaches us the understanding of knowing that not everybody is balanced, this means we need to show love and spread love to the less privileged in our society."

"The teaches of Ramadan also encouraged peaceful coexistence among everybody regardless of the class, age, or tribe." Akintayo said.

While speaking on the forthcoming local government elections in the state, Hon Ibrahim Akintayo who is seeking reelection into office under the people's Democratic Party (PDP) solicited support from people of his local council.

He said, "Messages to the people of Ibadan North East and to our political loyalists is I will like to thank them for their immense support they've been showing and giving me right from the first day I got into office as the executive chairman of the local government."

"I'm sincere grateful to the CDC, the religious leaders, the traditional worshippers, NUT, the market men and women and everybody in general."

"Again I'm saying let us continue with the good work,I have got a lot of feedback from various angles and all I can say is that they should give us that support again and hopefully this time we are able to do better than what we've done." He said.

While speaking on the current security situation in the council area, Hon Akintayo said "We've been able to deal with security situation in my local government area, it's now difficult to see any form of street fighting or cultism activities in Ibadan North East today, we've been able to sensitize each other, and the awareness has gone round, our people now understand that everyone is a stakeholders in Ibadan North East today, so we are enjoying a relatively peaceful in Ibadan North East as it never been before."

Speaking on his chances of winning at the forthcoming elections, Akintayo said, "By the grace of God, and with the good work and the efforts we've put in, in all sincerity I believe we will beat everyone hands down."

"Though the campaign is a very rigorous exercise because we are not taking anything to chance, we are working both day and night to show the good people of Ibadan North East that we are capable and we are in full support of whatever decision they take, so we are starting again in next week by visiting wards by wards." He said.

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