Nigeria's primary education net enrolment stands at 70 percent - ActionAid

2024-05-07 19:12:23

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ActionAid Nigeria (AAN) has said Nigeria's primary education net enrolment rate stands at 70%, trailing behind many countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

The Country Director of ActionAid, Andrew Mamedu, who noted this at the hybrid webinar in commemoration of the 2024 Global Action Week for Education on Wednesday in Abuja with theme: " Transformative Education" said according to UNESCO, Nigeria grapples with one of the highest rates of out-of-school children globally, exceeding 20 million, with approximately 38,904,483 children who are out of school in Africa.

Mamedu who was represented by the Move coordinator, AAN, Kyauta Giwa, said this alarming statistic not only jeopardizes their future but also infringes upon their right to education and impedes our nation's progress towards achieving SDG 4 - Quality Education.

She said this year's theme offers a timely occasion to assess Nigeria's educational landscape.

She said for instance, Ghana boasts an enrolment rate exceeding 90%, notably reaching 97.9% in 2021. While progress has been made, concerns regarding education quality persist.

According to her , a 2023 World Bank report highlighted Nigeria's challenge of learning poverty, where 70% of 10-year-olds struggle with basic literacy and numeracy.

"We must also address persistent disparities, particularly affecting girls, who encounter barriers such as insecurity, early marriage, cultural norms, and inadequate school facilities.

"Nevertheless, within these challenges lies potential for transformation. Countries like Finland, renowned for their education system, prioritize personalized learning and teacher development.

" Similarly, Singapore's emphasis on STEM education has propelled it to global leadership in technology and innovation.

"With just over 5 years remaining to achieve the global development goals, this year's theme of Transformative Education presents an opportunity to reassess Nigeria's progress towards SDG 4. We believe Nigeria can emerge as a global leader in the education sector.

Also, the Country Director of Plan International Nigeria, representative Tunde Aremu said today marks a significant feat and they are proud to stand beside their partners ActionAid Nigeria on this transformative journey for mobilising youths in the country.

He said one of the core area of focus is education and they are eagerly awaiting the outcome of today's dialogue and pledge that they are in solidarity with the youths on the rights of Girls in the country.

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