Rivers State High Court Issues Injunction Against 26 Pro-Wike Lawmakers - The Trent

2024-05-10 21:12:27

The Trent

PORT HARCOURT, Nigeria - A Rivers State High Court in Port Harcourt has issued an interim injunction that prevents 26 members of the state's legislature from acting in their official capacities.

The order, delivered in affects pro-Wike Speaker Martin Amaewhule and 25 other legislators who are currently embroiled in a political dispute with factions within the government.

The injunction was sought by Victor Oko Jumbo, the newly elected speaker backed by Rivers State Governor Siminalaye Fubara, along with three other assembly members aligned with the governor.

Oko Jumbo, who represents the Bonny constituency, was appointed as speaker by a minority of three members loyal to Governor Fubara in a move that has deepened the political rift.

The legal action underscores the ongoing proxy battles between factions led by FCT Minister Nyesom Wike and Governor Fubara, with both sides leveraging the judiciary to fortify their positions through favourable rulings.

The court's decision marks a critical juncture in the political landscape of Rivers State, as it temporarily suspends a significant portion of the 32-member assembly from performing legislative duties.

Further details are expected as the situation develops and both sides prepare for the legal battles ahead.

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