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2024-05-08 18:07:00

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LOKOJA - Against the backdrop of incessant road cashes, Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) Kogi state command has cautioned motorists against reckless and non adherence to driving code while on the highways.

The Kogi state sector Commander of the Corps , Samuel Ayodeji gave warning on Wednesday during the commemoration of the West African Road Safety Organisation (WARSO) Day.

In a lecture titled "Safe and Sustainable Transportation in West Africa: Lessons for Road Safety Agencies".calls for the creation of road safety Agencies in West Africa.

The event, which marked 16 years of WARSO's existence, is aimed at promoting exchange of information and experience among member states, create awareness on the effects of road traffic crashes.

He itemized efforts made by the Command to improve transportation systems in Kogi, including engagement with stakeholders and aggressive enforcement of speed limit devices on commercial vehicles.

He identified excessive speed, overloading, and dangerous driving as major causes of road traffic crashes in the State, and appealed to the motoring public to unite with FRSC to ensure safety on the roads.

"But if motorists will display good character and drive safely on our highways, road traffic crashes will drastically be reduced if not eradicated for the safety of lives and property.

"This is the reason why we carry our the sensitisation campaigns to various nooks and crannies including religious worship centres, motor parks to ensure safety on our roads across the state.

"In a bid to reduce road traffic deaths and injuries by 5 per cent, the command recently carried out an aggressive public enlightenment campaign at the Lokoja Mega Terminal (LMT) Park on park.

"The campaign, which targeted both passengers and drivers, aimed to raise awareness about the dangers of night travels, excessive overloading, carrying fuel in jerry cans, projecting loads, over-speeding, and overloading of human beings with animals, " he said.

The sector commander emphasized the risks associated with carrying fuel while embarking on a journey, citing recent fatalities in the state due to road traffic crashes.

He urged passengers and drivers to desist from this practice, especially during the current fuel scarcity, to ensure safe arrival at their destinations

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