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2024-05-10 21:14:11

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ABUJA - The House of Representatives made a call on Friday urging the governments of all 36 states to prioritize the construction of modern correctional facilities in response to the escalating issue of jailbreaks nationwide.

Honourable Chinedu Ogah, the lawmaker representing Ezza South/Ikwo Federal Constituency in Ebonyi State and Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Reformatory Institutions, issued this charge during the committee's visit to the Suleja Correctional Centre. The visit aimed to assess the extent of damage caused by the recent jailbreak resulting from heavy rainfall.

"The 1999 Constitution (as amended,) has shifted correctional service to the concurrent list. Therefore, all the governments of the 36 states must implement that law by building modern correctional centres

"One correctional service was established in 1914, and most of the items used here are outdated; they cannot stand the test of time," he said.

He also called on state governors to make sufficient provisions for inmates, saying, "The little token used to feed inmates is not enough; we need to take care of the correction services."

This is just as he blamed the weakness of the structures of the Suleja Centre for its fall during a recent downpour, which led to the escape of many inmates.

The chairman said that the budget of the correction service could not be enough to do what is needed, adding that they needed more money to take care of the security of the service.

He said it was unexplainable that a little above 400 inmates were being taken care of by just five armed men, adding that such an arrangement would not work in the long run.

"They need more manpower and we are urging Mr President to approve the recruitment of more manpower for the correctional service.

He said such a move would help to stabilise the service and make it more result-oriented.

The Lawmaker emphasized the need for additional vehicles within the correctional service and emphasized that staff should reside in the barracks. Proximity to inmates is essential for effectively addressing incidents as they arise.

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