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2024-05-04 20:08:50

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LAGOS - The National Union of Market Traders Employers of Nigeria (NUMTEN) created to fight against challenges faced by market traders, extortion and victimisation by unscrupulous individuals masquerading as government officials, who are fleecing them of their hard earned money has received its certificate of registration from the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) on Tuesday in Abuja.

Speaking at the certificate handing over ceremony, James Chukuma, NUMTEN President, said the union was created to advance the cause of market traders and employees, protecting them from all forms of exploitation and abuses by quasi government gangsters, saying, "to save our members from unconducive trading environment, unrealistic business profits, unstable market prices, and frequent property losses due to fire outbreaks.

"The idea to establish NUMTEN was conceived in my heart as a market trader for over a decade," Chukwuma explained.

"With the support of like-minded individuals, we have brought this idea to fruition after witnessing the intimidation and extortion faced by helpless market traders at the hands of illegal market associations. These unlawful acts have caused grievous harm, with people losing their lives daily," he added.

He further highlighted the union's mission to address various challenges, including: Non-conducive trading environment; Unrealistic business profits; Unstable market prices; Frequent property losses due to fire outbreaks caused by low-quality building materials and negligence, lamenting the loss of government revenue due to illegitimate market traders, while emphasizing on the union's commitment to restructuring and reorganising the Nigerian market to achieve global competitiveness.

"NUMTEN is a symbol of hope," Chukwuma declared. "We will recover government revenue siphoned by illegitimate individuals and associations operating in Nigerian markets. We will ensure that the right revenue reaches the government's coffers, and our members' labour will no longer be in vain."

They pledged to collaborate with other sister unions and government agencies to transform Nigeria from a consumer nation into an industrialised nation producing high-quality finished goods for consumption by other nations worldwide.

Adding that the birth of NUMTEN is a reassurance of the renewed hope agenda brought by the administration of president Bola Ahmed Tinubu, to rescue the sinking ship of the Nigeria Economy.

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