Agricultural Expert Calls For Govt Support To Boost Farming Sector | Independent Newspaper Nigeria

2024-05-04 20:36:25

Independent Newspapers Nigeria

ABUJA - Dr. Ashimashga Michael Akoloaga, a prominent agriculturalist and CEO of Eden Moringa Productions and Marketers Limited, has called on the federal government to provide essential support to farmers to address challenges plaguing the agricultural sector.

In a telephone interview with newsmen in Abuja, Dr. Akoloaga emphasized the need for the government to supply inputs such as fertilizers and herbicides directly to community heads, facilitating easier access for farmers to these vital resources.

Highlighting the potential of Nigeria's agricultural sector, Akoloaga stressed that with adequate government support, the country could leverage its abundant raw materials and manpower to produce and export agricultural goods.

He underscored the importance of self-belief and capacity development, citing successful agricultural nations as examples of countries that believed in themselves and worked diligently to develop their capabilities.

Akoloaga acknowledged the challenges facing farmers, particularly in accessing fertilizers and herbicides, which he identified as the primary concerns.

He urged the government to prioritize the provision of these essential inputs to all communities across Nigeria.

Addressing the issue of power supply, Akoloaga recognized it as a major obstacle to agricultural productivity in Nigeria. He urged the government to address this challenge and shift the country from being merely a consumer to a producer nation.

In his plea to the government, Dr. Akoloaga advocated for a shift from providing monetary assistance to farmers towards supplying necessary inputs to boost agricultural productivity and drive economic growth.

As Nigeria grapples with agricultural challenges, Akoloaga's call for government intervention underscores the urgent need to support farmers and unleash the sector's vast potential for national development.

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