Nigerian fashion and dance styles in the spotlight as Harry and Meghan visit Nigeria's largest city. - ExBulletin

2024-05-12 20:18:26


LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) Nigerian fashion and traditional dances were in the spotlight Sunday as Prince Harry And Meghan arrived in its largest city, Lagos, as part of their three day tour across the country to promote the mental health of soldiers and empower youth.

The couple, guest in the West African nation by its soldiers, were treated to different dance sequences, starting with the Lagos airport where the acrobatic movements of a troupe sparked both applause and smiles. One of the dancers, who appeared to be less than 5 years old, exchanged greetings with Harry from the air, standing on his firm shoulders.

Meghan's white top was accompanied by the traditional Nigerian aso oke, a patterned hand-woven fabric wrapped around the waist and often reserved for special occasions. It was a gift from a group of women a day earlier.

The couple visited a local charity, Giants of Africa, which uses basketball to empower young people. There, they were treated to another round of dancing before unveiling a partnership between the organization and their Archewell Foundation.

What you are doing here at Giants of Africa is truly amazing, Harry said of the group. The power of sport can change lives. It brings people together and creates community and there are no barriers, which is the most important thing.

Masai Ujiri, president of the charity and former NBA star, wished Meghan a happy Mother's Day and acknowledged how difficult it can be for us to be away from our children and family so that such things happen.

"It shows dedication (and) we really appreciate it," he told the couple.

Meghan and Harry later attended a fundraiser for Nigerian soldiers injured in the country's fight against Islamic extremists and other armed groups. the north of the country, ravaged by conflict. The event was linked to Harry's Invictus Games, which Nigeria is looking to host in the future.

The couple were also welcomed to the Lagos State Government headquarters, where Meghan was presented with another hand-woven Nigerian fabric.

We have extended an additional invitation to them so that they can always come back whenever they want, Lagos Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu told reporters.

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