Nigeria: 'Nigeria On the Brink' - Bishop Onuoha Warns of Chaos, Anarchy

2024-06-11 05:21:24


Abuja -- Bishop of the Methodist Church Nigeria and former presidential aide on Privatisation, Bishop (Dr) Sunday Onuoha, has warned that Nigeria is on the brink of chaos due to worsening hardship and hunger among the population.

He made the call in a statement in Abuja on Monday titled 'Listen to the Cries of the Poor Now to Avert Anarchy'.

The bishop's warning came as Nigerians continue to face economic hardship, with many struggling to access basic needs like food and healthcare.

He urged government at all levels to implement policies and programmes to address the rising cost of food and other essentials, saying many families are struggling to feed once a day.

Onuoha, the President and founder of Vision Africa International, criticized the government for reneging on election promises, saying it has worsened the suffering of Nigerians.

He appealed to the government to revisit their manifestoes and fulfill their promises to the masses to avoid anarchy.

The Methodist cleric said, "The look on people's faces on a daily portrays anger, vexation, hunger, and others. Nigerians are passing through a whole lot in meeting up with daily demands of their families.

"Interactions I have had with people over the last couple of months have further prompted me to believe that Nigerians need a lifeline, quickly too.

"The voices and faces of the governed suggest that they are not finding the situation in the country funny, and at the same time, not happy with the political class.

"Another missing link I have discovered among the government is their inability to fulfill their election promises to the electorate. I believe that before these promises are made, the ruling class did proper findings regarding the plights of the people. For me, it is an aberration if after you are elected, one fails to impact the people positively."

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