Nigerian Gas Association Celebrates 25th Anniversary

2024-06-11 01:43:02

New Telegraph

The Nigerian Gas Association (NGA) has reiterated its driving progressive advocacy and the need for continuous shaping of the landscape of Nigeria's gas sector. President of the NGA Mr. Akachukwu Nwokedi, during a media interaction in Lagos also said that the NGA is proud to announce its 25th-anniversary. He said: "Over the past two decades, the NGA has left an indelible mark on the gas industry.

"Its influence can be seen in its focused advocacy on, and input into industrychanging gas policies together with its capacity building initiatives driven through its several learning programmes. These achievements have reinforced natural gas as a unique resource for Nigeria and demonstrated the NGA's commitment to creating transformative change across various sectors of the Nigerian economy."

As part of the anniversary celebrations, the NGA unveiled a commemorative 25th anniversary logo, which Nwokedi said, symbolizes the core of NGA's advocacy for the adoption of gas as the principal energy resource to drive Nigeria's economy. He explained that at the heart of the anniversary logo is a spiral, representing the interconnectedness and versatility of the entire gas industry's value chain. According to him, this spiral signifies NGA's role in fostering collaboration and synergy across various sectors within the industry.

He said: "The logo's colour palette also holds deep meaning. Black symbolises NGA's resilience and stability, highlighting its ability to navigate macroeconomic challenges and maintain a strong foothold in the industry, while blue reflects the Association's unwavering professionalism and excellence in setting high standards and driving innovation within the gas sector.

"The colour green signifies dedication to promoting environmentally sustainable practices, emphasising the importance of eco-friendly initiatives in the industry's growth. Yellow represents the gas sector's optimism in its quest to power Nigeria's infrastructure and drive economic growth, underscoring its significance in the nation's development. The orange hue embodies NGA's innovative spirit, showcasing its role in fostering progress and development through cutting-edge technologies and solutions.

"Finally, the red reflects NGA's courage in advancing and driving transformative progress and growth within the gas industry." Mr. Nwokedi added: "The unveiling of our 25th-anniversary logo symbolises not just a milestone in our journey but also a renewed commitment to advancing Nigeria's gas industry. "The logo's design reflects our values of resilience, excellence, innovation, and environmental sustainability, highlighting our ongoing efforts to drive progress and growth within the sector."

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